G.3 C.7 – Opportunity

It’s going to take some time getting used to this new look of mine, but maybe that’s what it’ll take to be a new me to go along with it. Continue reading

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G.3 C.6 – Over-Emotional

Birthdays. Bah. At least I get cake out of this whole thing. Sugar can make anything better! I dunno what it is about this birthday, I’m a young adult now. School’s over and I’m officially not grounded any more but I feel so… So unprepared! Continue reading

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G.3 C.5 – Consequences p.2

Another trip to Corriente with the girls, another afternoon spent at the bubble bar – which may be my personal version of heaven! Mmmm… Pineapple bubbles. Continue reading

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G.3 C.5 – Consequences p.1

It is not my usual method to write a chapter in two parts, however a busy week at work has left this chapter partly written, at a natural break in the plot and I haven’t the time nor energy to write this weekend.  As a result, this chapter is far shorter than my usual chapter – but I do have all the pictures in order though and hope to get you Consequences p.2 next weekend.
-Your Author

My explanations would never have been enough, but I never had a chance to voice them. Never had a chance to beg or plead and now he’s gone. High. Killed. Continue reading

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G.3 C.4 – Stage Fright

“You look nervous little Lee, but that’s OK. Don’t you worry. I got somethin’ to take the edge off. Here, take it.” Continue reading

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G.3 C.3 – Making the Band

Three days after I met the hyper-active Hanna Gow I found myself in the dingy, smelly basement of one David Cheng watching “The Mighty Huge” rock out. Continue reading

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AWOL… Or AWL, as it were.

Hi faithful readers, this is your author typing. Go figure. Aside from having our heiress kidnapped by a police man, I haven’t played much of the game since the last update, I’ve been busy y’see. I’m moving, to a new apartment, and cleaning and packing is taking much of my time and settling and unpacking is my foreseeable future. I hope to get an update to Lee’s story (I’ve rescued her from her disappearance from my game by not saving) before the middle of March.

Don’t miss me too much,

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G.3 C.2 – Oh Boys…

In the silence after my announcement that The Clarke Legacy (OMG I did it! I spoke with capital letters!) is mine mom and dad take the opportunity to drop a quick kiss on each of us and then they hurry out the door, suitcases in hand. Off to Shang Simla! Surrounding me are smiling faces and Conrad’s arms – he’s the huggyist guy I know. Adam’s cheering and Kaitlin’s got a huge grin on her face but there’s someone missing… Someone who is scowling which is totally different from his usual expression. With not a word of congratulations Troy brushes past us and heads upstairs, grumbling to himself. Of all my siblings I had counted on Troy to be happy for me and excited with me but instead he’s upset and angry and sad looking and at 7:00pm he’s headed straight for bed. I wonder what’s up… Continue reading

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G.3 C.1 – I’m an Heiress!

So it’s a regular day or as regular as a day can be when you’re still getting into ‘the swing of things.’ I don’t know if you guys know… I don’t know if you’re there but I’m told you are and there’s click-whirr camera sounds so I guess you are? But I don’t know if you guys know but starting highschool is super stressful! Continue reading

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And the winner is…

The heiress to the Clarke Legacy is….


Winning your hearts and 11 votes, beating her big brother Adam by 4 votes, the winner is Lee!
Age: Teen
Traits: Slob, Genius, Virtuoso, Good Sense of Humour, ?????
Lifetime Wish: ?????
Likes: Stu Surprise, Sea Foam, Classical
Sign: Libra

Continue reading

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