I would like to introduce you all to Pansy and Panzer and their little kittens. Awwww kittens!

Pansy and Panzer watch over their brood. Pounce (m) is all set to… pounce… upon his big brother Pepper while Percy(m) looks on and Princess just looks like a befuddled heap.Image

The reason for this interlude of adorable (they want into your Berry sims homes!) is that The Clarkes have been driving me crazy and Jack and Carter aren’t nearly as colourful as these little beauties. Now that I’ve had Pets for a while I thought I was past gushing as my screen (PUPPY CUTE!) but then Pounce, Percy and Princess were born and it was too much fluffy meowing for me to keep to myself.

Pansy and Panzer were made by me, the kitties were all born in game – Pepper (<3) first and then the other three. Princess and Percy are pretty much identical, except Princess is fuzzier.

Thank you for sharing in my awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! If you would like any (or all) of the kitties, just let me know and I will upload them for you.

AND, Lee, Berjes and the boys will return at some point soon, now that they can use their stairs again I’m back to being willing to play with them.


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G.3 C.12 – Motherhood p.2

Carter’s screams cut through my dreams and all I want to do is roll over and bury my head under my pillow, leaving Berjes to comfort our little boy. Instead, I throw back the covers and pull myself out of my nice, warm bed, shivering as the cooler air raises goosebumps on my skin. Continue reading

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G.3 C.12 – Motherhood p.1

As the sense of my mother leaves the room, I squeeze my new-born son close to me, as if clinging to him is clinging to her as well. “That was your grandma Rose, Bean. She was a wonderful woman with a lot of love to give and she would’ve given it all to you.” Continue reading

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G.3 C.11 – Simply, Life.

“Welcome home you two!”
Mom’s call should bring my attention to her, but ‘home’ didn’t look anything like this last time we were here. Continue reading

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murder d-EA-th kill….

Chelle is upset at EA. Rant is hidden. Continue reading

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G.3 C.10 – Part 2 – Wedding Knights

This chapter gets a little bit of a mature-er rating than my usual. But not by much.

“What exactly do you mean by you ‘can’t seem to find the reservation?’ I called and made certain we were booked here before we took off!”
“Well, uh, sir, uh, there seems to be a, uh, computer malfunction?” Continue reading

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G.3 C.10 – Part 1 – Wedding Daze

I can hear them as they gather in the yard next to me; the excitement in the voices of my family and friends fills the afternoon air as it mingles with the sounds of singing birds and distantly crashing waves. It’s another picture perfect day in Sunset Valley, a day like any other except today, today I’m getting married! Continue reading

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G.3 C.9 – Preparations

Our gentle kisses turn into something much more urgent, his grip on me tightens and soon the world around me is forgotten. Continue reading

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G.3 C.8 – Breaking News

When the sky begins to brighten and starts to chase away the stars, Berjes drives me home from the park, getting me there just as dawn breaks. He surprises me when he gets out of the car and after our “good nights” he surprises me even more. It’s sudden and totally unexpected, the thrill that shoots through me as his lips meet mine. Continue reading

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Excuses Excuses…

Hi all, I’m very sorry this is not a chapter because I miss my Sims very much. It’s a hectic couple of weeks for me with a 2 week long music festival and then some dental surgery the next week… I’m sure I’ll live through the surgery though and I’m hoping that I’ll be able to play once Bluesfest is over and write through my recovery (I’m not sure my writing will make sense though, we’ll just have to see!) My goal is to have the next chapter to you by July 25th or so, but the Sims will also have to cooperate with me which it hasn’t wanted to do since I installed Generations. Unfortunately it’s my favourite XP to date so I can’t bring myself to uninstall… Oh well!

Keep writing and reading, my friends. Hope to be back with you, Lee and Berjes very soon.

Update July 23:
I won’t have the next chapter up as soon as I wanted to, I had the chapter planned but in playing it, amongst the random game crashes, terrible things happened that have derailed the chapter going as planned so I have to rework it and get some extra scenes shot. The plan is still to have it to you ASAP but I don’t know quite when that will be.

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