Generation 1 – Lily Clarke

1. Are You Serious?!
2. The Chase
3. Home Sweet Home
4. The Miracle of Life
5. Homework
6. Time Flies
7. The First Last

Generation 2 – Rose Clarke

1. Through Rose Coloured Glasses
2. Walk Like an Egyptian
3. To Love
4. Under Construction
5. Old Habits
6. Change of Heart
7. Just Relax
8. Full House
9. The Wait
10. Always Tired
11. Memories Made

Generation 3 – Lee Clarke

1. I’m an Heiress!
2. Oh Boys…
3. Making the Band
4. Stage Fright
5.1 Consequences
5.2 Consequences
6. Over Emotional
7. Opportunity
8. Breaking News
9. Preparations
10.1 Wedding Daze
10.2 Wedding Knights
11. Simply, Life
12.1 Motherhood
12.2 Motherhood
13. A Day in Our Life
14. All Growed Up
15. Fallout
16. Strangers
Interlude 1. Locked Away
Interlude 2. Locked Away
17. Parole
18.1 The House
18.2 The House

5 Responses to Chapters

  1. auburn101 says:

    Just found our legacy! I’ve added you to my blogroll, if you don’t mind! 🙂 Can you please add me to yours? If you have twitter, you can follow me @AuburnLegacy !

    Can u check out my very first chapter & comment on it? Please and thanks. The Auburn Legacy.

  2. velmadarling says:

    I love your legacy so far!! I’m in the middle of the the founder’s story, but aaah it’s awesome!

  3. megan says:

    when is your next chapter its been ages

    • Chellekaz says:

      It has, hasn’t it? I’d like to say it will be soon as I have most of my pictures selected and nearly in order, however I’m very clearly slacking! Once I get them uploaded it won’t be much time. The optimist in me wants to say it will be early August?

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