Interlude – Locked Away p.2

She heard the hisssss and changed into her pyjamas before going to bed. Never again had she tried to stay up for what They did to her on the nights the room hissed. Instead, doing as much as she could to avoid the time they spent with her. They would not change her clothes or carry her into bed. She would do that for herself. She would sleep and They would do whatever They did, then she would take care of herself as best as she knew how.
The lights were still off when she awoke, unusual, but it had happened once or twice. Amaya got up and grabbed her juice boxes from the fridge, stabbing the straw into one of them as she walked to the table. The room swayed around her as she collapsed onto the worn cushion of her chair. Get through one drink and she’d go back to bed, give her body time to absorb the nutrients and liquids and get her closer to feeling back to normal. The lights turned back on with a snap, blinding her sensitive eyes – the shock waking her up a bit more. Gosh that hurt! Still blinking as her eyes attempted to adjust, her fumbling hands found a second juice box and forced it down.

The third drink could wait, she decided once she could see again. Her eyelids still drooped and her back hurt, she didn’t want to hold herself up so why should she? She’d long since decided that on her drained days she would stick with whatever schedule suited her best. There was no need to push herself. Within seconds of finishing her drink she was passed out in bed, dreaming deeply enough that the scraping noises on the other side of the wall against wish she slept did not wake her.

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7 Responses to Interlude – Locked Away p.2

  1. Laura says:

    I have spent the last week reading through all of your posts and I have loved every word of it! I feel so sorry for Amaya, and for poor Jack who is probably in the same conditions. I can’t wait for more. πŸ˜€

  2. Sianystar says:

    Genuinely quite surprised to see the glowing eyes! For some reason something supernaturally hadn’t crossed my mind. Given that she’s just a teen Amaya looks so old… I don’t know how you’ve done it, but you’ve really got the worn look of someone who’s been in isolation for so many years down pat. Brilliant.

    Is the stove emitting some form of knock-out gas or something? Is it not just a stove?

    I know I’m one to talk, but please post an update soon!!

    • Chellekaz says:

      It’s not really a spoiler so: The knock-out gas is coming from under the bed, remember when Amaya was looking for monsters (previous chapter, 3rd page)? The stove is just a stove and Amaya is just neurotic and distrustful of her environment – can you blame her??

      Thanks so much for reading πŸ˜€ I hope to have new chapters soon but my file is so bloated right now that I can’t play long before it begins glitching. I’m still putting off switching to Sunset Valley v2 because it looks like a lot of work and effort. Regardless, I think I have 75% of my next chapter shot so almost there?

      • Sianystar says:

        Oh bums, of course, my mistake. I apologise, it’s pretty late! Nah, I suppose you can’t really blame Amaya for feeling that way really, not exactly an ideal living environment!

        I hate how glitchy save files get when they get big, and it’s pretty much impossible to keep them small with all the extra stuff added with new expansions isn’t it? Rubbish! Still, I hope you manage to get the remaining 25% done as trouble-free as is possible!

        I’m really sorry it’s taken me so long to read your updates, by the way. Seriously loving this interlude. It’s wonderful!

  3. Justafan says:

    Hope that you eventually finish this, best sims story I’ve ever read!,

    • Chellekaz says:

      Thank you so much! I hope I will too! I have one chapter in the pipes with the pictures nearly organized so it will just be a matter of uploading and writing. I’m optimistically looking at August since the summer is quite busy for me. The following chapter will be more difficult as the game is giving me some hassle as I try move forward.

      Thanks so much for the support πŸ˜€

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