Interlude – Locked Away p.2

For a long time, every time Amaya closed her eye – even to blink – she saw the two shadowy figures standing above her bed. She saw their eyes glowing eerily, like malevolent pixies in the darkness. She wanted so badly to exorcise these images, to put them onto canvas, but she had a feeling that if They knew she had seen Them, They wouldn’t be pleased. Remembering the lesson they taught when she’d played an innocent game of hopscotch, a different monster left her brush. It didn’t help much, this fluffy beast, but looking at it reminded her to never be complacent. To never let her guard down because They weren’t as kind as their picture depicted.
She was determined to keep Them from knowing what she knew and kept on as usual after that day, always feeling as though she was acting a part. Each thought was checked twice before she committed it to paper, she had to be careful not to let out a hint of what she felt to escape and be read. She didn’t know if they read her journals, but unless she was certain she couldn’t risk it. She could have given up and become despondent, she’d thought about it seriously, but if they had planned to kill her, she’d be dead by now so maybe… Maybe there was still a life for her outside these walls.
Despite her constant maintenance, sometimes things still broke. At this stage, there was no clogged toilet too daunting nor leak too drippy. So far, everything that had gone wrong had been well within her comfort zone, so when the washer began to rattle louder than usual and the spin cycle took place before the machine had drained, Amaya was at a loss. Water and suds flowed from it and onto her floor, flooding the tiles quickly. The heavy book was still in her shelf, and after a moment of hyperventilating she snatched it up and flipped wildly through the pages until she found the section she was looking for.
A quick refresher course later and she was holding her breath as Summerfresh soap poured down over her head. She couldn’t see what she was working on, hair plastered over her eyes, but she was familiar enough with the little mechanical parts that it wasn’t a problem. Shivers followed the drops of water down her back. This room was just all wrong. She checked this washer every day to make sure it was in working order and now it was broken. Sinks and toilets had been upgraded to self-cleaning ages ago, yet she still noticed that they were never clean enough. She was certain she’d done the upgrade correctly.She’d even upgraded the stove she’d yet to use: Fireproof. Assuming it would give her some peace of mind, Amaya had spent days tinkering with the stove until she was felt it was perfect. The reassurance didn’t last long, and she became more wary of the appliance than ever. Maybe she had done something wrong, maybe it was waiting to burst into flames. It became a habit and each time she passed by the stove she checked the burners. Just had to be sure.
This was her life, cleaning and checking and painting and checking and writing and checking and sleeping and checking and eating and checking. Nothing could be trusted and there was nothing to be done but remain vigilant. Always listening and being ready. Always checking, always waiting, needing a sign and needing change.

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7 Responses to Interlude – Locked Away p.2

  1. Laura says:

    I have spent the last week reading through all of your posts and I have loved every word of it! I feel so sorry for Amaya, and for poor Jack who is probably in the same conditions. I can’t wait for more. πŸ˜€

  2. Sianystar says:

    Genuinely quite surprised to see the glowing eyes! For some reason something supernaturally hadn’t crossed my mind. Given that she’s just a teen Amaya looks so old… I don’t know how you’ve done it, but you’ve really got the worn look of someone who’s been in isolation for so many years down pat. Brilliant.

    Is the stove emitting some form of knock-out gas or something? Is it not just a stove?

    I know I’m one to talk, but please post an update soon!!

    • Chellekaz says:

      It’s not really a spoiler so: The knock-out gas is coming from under the bed, remember when Amaya was looking for monsters (previous chapter, 3rd page)? The stove is just a stove and Amaya is just neurotic and distrustful of her environment – can you blame her??

      Thanks so much for reading πŸ˜€ I hope to have new chapters soon but my file is so bloated right now that I can’t play long before it begins glitching. I’m still putting off switching to Sunset Valley v2 because it looks like a lot of work and effort. Regardless, I think I have 75% of my next chapter shot so almost there?

      • Sianystar says:

        Oh bums, of course, my mistake. I apologise, it’s pretty late! Nah, I suppose you can’t really blame Amaya for feeling that way really, not exactly an ideal living environment!

        I hate how glitchy save files get when they get big, and it’s pretty much impossible to keep them small with all the extra stuff added with new expansions isn’t it? Rubbish! Still, I hope you manage to get the remaining 25% done as trouble-free as is possible!

        I’m really sorry it’s taken me so long to read your updates, by the way. Seriously loving this interlude. It’s wonderful!

  3. Justafan says:

    Hope that you eventually finish this, best sims story I’ve ever read!,

    • Chellekaz says:

      Thank you so much! I hope I will too! I have one chapter in the pipes with the pictures nearly organized so it will just be a matter of uploading and writing. I’m optimistically looking at August since the summer is quite busy for me. The following chapter will be more difficult as the game is giving me some hassle as I try move forward.

      Thanks so much for the support πŸ˜€

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