Interlude – Locked Away p.1

Third, she desperately needed a shower. On her way across the small room, she gathered a shirt and pair of shorts from the floor, folding them precisely as she reluctantly put one foot in front of the other. The neat package of clothing placed on the dryer, the water running at a reasonable temperature, Amaya took her first shower in days and let the hot water relax her shoulders. The moment she stepped out of the shower, dried and got dressed though, Amaya felt lost.
As she trudged across the room to what, she guessed, was “her” bed, Amaya tried to keep hold of herself, and who she was. The last parts of Amaya-at home-had just been sent down the drain. The shampoo and body wash didn’t smell like apples so she didn’t smell like herself. They left her hair and skin feeling different. The toothpaste was spearmint and not peppermint. She didn’t taste like herself. Nothing was familiar, nothing was home. Would anything ever be right again?
It took the incessant growling of Amaya’s stomach to snap her out of her funk. Near the end of her third full day of imprisonment, her body reminded her that eating was as essential as showering and she cast a wary gaze towards the refrigerator that operated nearly silently on the other side of the room. With a determined scowl she stalked towards it, but by the time she was reaching for the handle to pull it open she’d lost that confidence. The door came open with mild resistance and Amaya peered in as though expecting a monster to pop out. There were rows and rows of things she could open to eat in the cold fridge, even more in the freezer. Some items were new to her and she disregarded them, others were familiar from TV ads but it was the one familiar carton that grabbed her eye. The one item in the freezer that was in her freezer at home too. A special treat and just what she needed right now. She open and closed drawers until she found a spoon and then took her breakfast/lunch/dinner to the tiny table and it’s lonely seat. Pulling off the top, she looked down at the immaculately smooth brown surface of the ice cream. At home, Daddy would have taken bites from the container already, Mommy would have told him to use a bowl. Amaya hadn’t looked for a bowl, but her mothers words rang faintly in her ears as she dug the first spoonful of decadent, chocolate orange ice cream into her mouth.
For days on end, all Amaya ate was ice cream. Every time she was nearly finished a container, another one would appear in the freezer. Even though it made her stomach burble and she felt a little sick after eating dessert three times a day, it was the only taste of familiarity in her life. The feel of the frosted cardboard in her hands and she immediately began to hear her mother’s voice. Despite groaning in pain each night from her diet, it was worth it just to hear her mother in her memory.
It took a long time before Amaya was bored enough and dejected enough that she could no longer spend her days moving from bed to bathroom to kitchen table and back. She’d been drawn to the bookcase for days, back home she had shelves full of picture books and some bigger kid books too. Reading had been a fun way to pass the day, waiting for the sun to set. Only able to resist the lure of disappearing into the pages of a book for so long, Amaya hopped off of her bed, grabbed a book, hopped back onto the bed, and stared at the cover. The book wasn’t new, creases ran down the spine, it was bigger than any book she’d read before and there were no pictures. That didn’t matter at all once she started reading and the author’s words pulled her through the pages and into another world.
From morning to night… Or rather from the time the lights turned on and woke her to the time she fell asleep or the lights went out… She devoured every word in every book in the shelf. Once, a new book arrived and she read that too. When each story had been lived, Amaya turned to the only other source of distraction in the room – the easel. A small selection of paints had been left neatly lined up and they were opened with great care. There was no plan when she dipped her brush into the pink paint, but her heart took over and before long she was plastering on the colours to form a crude image of her mother. She painted through tear-blurred vision, not stopping ’til her portrait was completed and drying on it’s ledge. The next morning, Amaya went through her established routine – wake, toilet, shower, ice cream, arrange the bed, check for books – no new books! She’d forgotten she was out of books, she’d forgotten her painting. Remembering, she whirled towards the easel, gone! She spun around the room and only then did the canvas hanging above her bed catch her eye. Unsure how she felt about it, she stared, frowning. It was like her mom was here, watching over her, but Mommy wasn’t here, wherever here was. And that meant They had put it there, and she didn’t much like They. They snuck in while she slept. They were silent and invisible.
They cleaned the room. They did her laundry. They did her dishes. They brought her food and books and paint. They controlled the light. They had brought her here. They had hurt her mom. They had stolen her from her family. They moved her if she slept on the couch. They tucked her into bed. They never woke her. Not once.
Yet she didn’t always wake refreshed.

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9 Responses to Interlude – Locked Away p.1

  1. HI!!! I probably would’ve read this earlier, but I never got the email. Probably because I changed emails. Anyways, I’m really happy to see a new chapter, even if it is an interlude. It took a while for it to click in my head who Lily was. But its nice to see the founder again.

    Poor Amaya. I think that the person who took her is doing tests or something. But they are still bad, and I don’t like them. But she is really pretty… I hope everything works out.

    Can’t wait for more, and don’t worry, I’m still here, and unless I lose my love for sims, which I don’t think that’s going to happen any time soon, I will be here to read your legacy. πŸ™‚

    • Chellekaz says:

      I’m really glad you found your way here anyways πŸ™‚ I’m probably going to have the final part of the interlude up soonish and then I have to play the next chapters. I’m really excited for them and hope I can do the story I have planned justice.

      Thank you for reading, are you writing anything at the moment?

      • Good thing I checked my WordPress reader. Oh, great! I think whatever you do will be excellent. It always is, and I want to see what you do with Lee, and I want to see Jack get saved. So until all the storylines are done, you have me as a faithful reader… πŸ™‚

        Uhh… I don’t know how far you’ve gotten, since I think your last comment on the Lee legacy was chapter three, but I have chapter 4 and a special posted. I also started an Isbi. If you would like to check it out (If you haven’t yet). I am trying to write chapter 5 of my legacy, but since I am finishing my final in-school term at the career institute that I go to, its getting a bit hectic… Plus work, So I usually come home tired and just go to sleep… I haven’t given up though…

      • Chellekaz says:

        I know you have an ISBI, but I’ve lost track of it even though I could SWEAR I was peeking at it briefly the other day. Will you please please please give me the link again?

        I’m the last one to say ‘boo’ about someone taking a bit of time to get a chapter in, I know how life takes over sometimes πŸ™‚

  2. Randi says:

    I’m still catching up on your legacy. I’ve made it to Generation 2, Chapter 4. πŸ˜€ Amazing so far!
    If you are still looking for a banner for your layout. I might be able to help. I don’t think I can do anything amazing but if you are looking for a simple blend of a few pictures (like mine) I can help you out. πŸ˜€

    • Chellekaz says:

      I’m glad you’re enjoying as much as I’m liking yours πŸ™‚ Hope you keep reading.

      I may just take you up on the offer for a banner at a later date, thank you! But I’ve got Gimp on my computer now, and a bunch more experience with Photoshop so I think I should be able to put together something a lot less haphazard. Also, I’m better at taking screenies now too.

  3. boxofpeaches says:

    Finally caught up on all of your posts! I’m really enjoying your story and it so complex! I’m excited for the next part. Whoever is taking them sure is patient to wait until the curfew was lifted before striking again.

    Oh, and this is Peaches, from the Bateman legacy, just in case that wasn’t obvious. This is linked to my wordpress account, not my blogger one. Haha.

  4. Sianystar says:

    This was absolutely brilliant, and so unexpected! Amaya’s narrative is written so well, and I’m so intrigued to see where this is going. I hope she does get out of there soon, but not before we know what’s going on! So mysterious.

    And Amaya is so pretty too!

    • Chellekaz says:

      I hope she gets out soon too… That’s sort of up to me isn’t it? I’m sooo slooooow.

      Amaya is one of my favourite sims I’ve made. She was made specifically for the story but she’s the genetic parent for a bunch of my other sims now.

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