G.3 C.14 – All Growed Up

December 31st dawns bright and clear, another perfect day in Sunset Valley. Now that I think of it, what is weather? Berjes and I worked hard to get the backyard looking great and we’ve even themed it to blue and white, just a little. I wanted to ask everyone to wear it but that idea got shot down. As I survey the yard, I’m pleased with what I see. Beautifully decorated, Berjes making drinks, the boys playing carefully in their formal wear, all we need is guests and here they come!

Snapshots from the night
Troy and Kaitlin arrive

Jack would rather play with the pirate ship than talk to adults

Berjes mixes a strong drink

Troy and Berjes goofing around on the dance floor

The kids gathered around feeling awkward. Some more than others, Jeremy.

The buffet is open

Monika (Berjes’ sister) entertaining the masses

Cousin Oliver in his finest attire…

Ignoring Cousin Oliver, a family tradition

Maybe it’s time to cut back on the drinks?

Carter handing Lee a script
The screenwriter and director trying to convince Lee to be the scorewriter
Happy New Year!
Adam sneaking up on Lee

Bean entertaining Jack, Troy and Jess

The sun’s already brightening the sky by the time we manage to send the last of our guests home, in cabs of course. The yard is in rough shape and Berjes and I are exhausted but Bean and Jack are exhilarated, playing a game of tag in their pyjamas as the cleaning begins. Dirty plates and glasses are piled high, napkins litter the ground and the radio broke about two hours ago and is emitting a shrill sound despite being turned off. Even with the boys laughter filling the yard, I can hear that damned sound. Even from indoors. I’m contemplating whether it’s worth getting it fixed or not when I hear a shout from the back of the yard. “Jack?! JACK?? DAD! MOM!”The note of hysteria in his voice raises the hair along my arms and neck and without thinking twice I drop the stack of plates and leap over the shards of glass as I rush towards my son. Berjes is right ahead of me, the garbage he was collecting strewn on the ground as we run.“H-He was here and then… A shadow… I didn’t… I don’t…” A deep breath. “We were playing tag and I was It and I was chasing him and he was here and then there was a shadow, like a person but really dark and really fast and it ran to Jack and then ran off and Jack was gone. The shadow took Jack!” All I hear is “Jack is gone, Jack is gone, Jack is gone” it’s pounding in my head and through my veins. “Jack is gone, Jack is gone, Jack is gone” my knees give out beneath me before Berjes can catch me.Is that heartbroken wail, that sound of pure anguish, coming from me? Tears stream from my eyes so fast that they’re soaking my dress and blurring my vision. I’m vaguely aware of Berjes guiding Bean and I into the kitchen before running outside to search for our missing son. I call everyone, the neighbours, our friends and family, but no one answers the phone, it’s too early on New Years Day and we spent all night feeding them Nectar. Half an hour later Berjes walks into the kitchen, his cell phone is pressed to his ear and he mouths the word ‘police’ to me. My heart falls.
“Sunset Valley Emergency Services, which service do you require? Fire, police, or ambulance?”
“Police. My… Our son…”
“Your son, sir?” I hear, despite not being on the phone and there’s something in the dispatcher’s voice…
“Our son. He’s missing. Kidnapped, we think. Jack Clarke. He’s 11 years old. Blond hair, gold eyes, abo-”
“Kidnapped? Just a moment please, sir.” The voice becomes muffled as the dispatcher pulls her microphone from her ear, but that doesn’t stop me from hearing “Lieutenant? I think there’s been another one. You should hear this…”

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14 Responses to G.3 C.14 – All Growed Up

  1. First about the chapter: It really stinks that Carter/Bean is getting teased at school, but at least he has some friends. Jack is a good kid, I auto like him, and I was happy when the curfew was taken away, but was totally shocked when Jack was kidnapped. I didn’t expect that! Good Job. But I hope that kidnapper gets what they deserve and Jack is saved.

    Now about what was on the third page. Sorry, but I have no experience with The Porter mod. I don’t even know what it does. (Goes to look up the mod… Comes back) Dude, I am totally confused. Anyways, I have no problem making sims and families for your new town. and specifications?

    • Chellekaz says:

      Hopefully things will get easier for Bean when he hits highschool, but with his little brother missing… Who knows?!

      Porter will bundle up all the people I want from my Legacy file and drop them into a clean world… Hypothetically. Right now I don’t have the computer power to process the packaging of the families.

      I would LOVE to have Conrad Lee in my game, and even the rest of his family if/when (fingers crossed) he has one. Otherwise, I would appreciate any family you send me, preferably multiple generations/a young family so they can grow up with the Clarkes. I want to seed Sunset Valley with something other than Townies…

      Thanks for reading 😀

      • Alright! I will make you some families! If my game stops being a retard. Conrad is in my studio if you want him. I would give you a household with him and his future family, but then that would be a spoiler (mwahahaha!!!). But just to warn you, his nose is kind of big, and weird looking, I made it after Parker Langerak.

      • Ohh. I forgot to mention. If you do download Conrad, he sort of comes with these stupid pair of pants that is on his nude, and I didn’t realize it. In the installed content, it is called watertrousers2.

  2. Chellekaz says:

    Ooooh I’m excited to meet them! And I will definitely download Conrad and his big nose and his stupid pants. I probably have those pants, if not… What is one more sim running around naked and in clothes, right?

    • Hey! I put 2 families on the exchange for ya. If ya want to download them (when you get your computer problems fixed up). I am going to make more. (Sims Making! Whoo!!!)


      • Chellekaz says:

        ooooh thanks so much! I can’t wait to get them into my game world! I finally upgraded my computer and my other Sims games have been running super smoothly, but I still need/want to get the fresh Sunset Valley going. No more ugly townies! And I think I need to turn off celebrity too… Stupid paparazzi!

      • Chellekaz says:

        I just noticed “Claire Ursine is a reclusive angler living by the ocean. Since she lives alone, she is hopeful that no one will notice her unexpectedly changing waistline.” in your Wolfe family description, it makes me giggle ’cause she’s actually kinda-sorta related to the whole family. In the first generation, Connor’s brother Jared (Frio) married and had babies with Claire… I never followed up to see where their kids got to but now I’ve got myself curious.

      • Holy Crow! I just noticed that! haha! I did originally have Claire in my bin, and thats who I made Goji after.

  3. auburn101 says:

    So much drama going on, it’s crazy! I love whenever you include dialogue in your story lines! You portray kid’s personality perfectly, really!

    • Chellekaz says:

      Properly crazy! I’m trying really hard to get dialogue in more, since I find it more difficult I tend to avoid it but it takes away some of the ‘realism’ and ‘life’ if I’m just saying “this happened, I felt this way, he said something like…” y’know? Also, I LOVED writing the role-playing scene more than I know how to say.

  4. marissa3 says:

    Ok, this chapter was amazing! I loved finding out about the kids, and I especially loved when they were all playing in the basement (I think it was the basement… I can’t get back a page! :P)
    This kidnapping totally took me by surprise, they were having that lovely blue party and then, BAM! I can’t wait to find out what happens, I hope you can work out the issues with your game soon.
    On a lighter note, is Berjes up for download? I’d love to have him in my game! And about the families, The Belgravia’s could be in your game but the problem is they’re not related anymore! I always have realllllyy bad issues with my game, and every generation I end up having to copy the family and place them in a new town, every generation has been somewhere different because of this!

  5. Sianystar says:

    Aaahhhh noooo!! I was loving this chapter, and then Jack! Jackkk!! 😦 Genuinely full of dismay here.

    Poor Bean, getting bullied at school. He’s right, though. Why should he and his friends change to please people he doesn’t want to be friends with? He’s the one with the right attitude! And I’m so pleased he wasn’t cross with Jack for telling Lee and Berjes about it. I hope the problem doesn’t escalate in high school :/

    The ending was such an unexpected twist, too! The party looked brilliant and I loved the pictures. Seriously hope Jack turns up!!

    And I hope you’re closer to solving your computer/Simming issues than you were when you first wrote this chapter (and I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to read it). I’ve not used twallan’s mod, but I’m sure there are many who have, have you asked on the forums? As for Sims for your game, I’ve got a fair few of my legacy sims uploaded on my account if you’d care to use them 🙂 Hope you get everything sorted soon!

  6. Fantastic! I loved this chapter! The pictures were great too =] Loved the kids playing in their dinosaur costumes haha

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