murder d-EA-th kill….

Chelle is upset at EA. Rant is hidden. Please note that this is a highly edited version of my rant. For authenticity, please add curse words and anger roughly every three words.

EA, if you were a people, I would want to kills you. Ever since installing your Create-A-Pet demo I have had nothing but problems with Sims 3. I enjoyed the demo until it majorly borked my game. Perhaps it was naive of me to think that your game would not break your game so I did not back mine up prior to installing.

For the 24 hours after uninstalling your product, I spent all of my computer time trying to find fixes for missing CC, games not loading and games crashing. I went through every game file and ripped out the ones I was supposed to (per forums) and anything else that had been touched on September 22nd. You should have heard my gloating when I finally got it running again. Sure, I was down some CC and had to reinstall every Nraas/Twallan mod I had, but I DID it. I was so proud.

As I played, that glow of being really amazing remained – despite the Error 12 messages. I’m so used to those at this stage that 90% of the times that I shut down the game, it’s because it Error 12s on me and not because I’m done playing. Soon another problem presented itself (shocking!) when giving one of my lady sims a makeover, the hairs started going strange. First they were indistinct, then disappeared and when I went back to my game it crashed to desktop. Huh. Crashes like that don’t usually happen unless I’m building something.

With a sigh of resignation, I returned to my game and played happily until Error 12 visited. Next time I tried to open my launcher? Registry Error. No dice. SOL. Too bad, so sad. At least that was what the internets led me to believe. I restarted my computer and was lucky enough to have fixed my 0x0175d824 problems. Another in game birthday meant another lady makeover and once again, the hair options got fried and so did my game. Please note that MANY times between the two ‘hair’ crashes I visited that very same screen with no issue.

That was my weekend, devoted to EA messes (that were probably caused at least partially by myself, but don’t tell me that.) This evening, I decided to come home and get some of the pictures I’ve taken over the past couple of weeks together in order to get some storyboards together. The icing on my Sims3 cake is this: I HAVE LOST EVERY SINGLE PICTURE I TOOK THIS WEEKEND.roughly a chapter and a half worth of screenshots. I am royally peeved and cannot imagine where probably over a hundred screenshots have disappeared to.

I believe, now, that my game runs by sheer force of my will but I’m running out of will when it comes to having to troubleshoot my game and replay half hours of game because of Error 12 (Thank Twallan for the Saver mod or it would be much more each time). I’m growing more and more frustrated with the constant bugs (I still can’t play WA worlds since Gen came out) and with my weekends and evenings being taken up by what is coming to feel like work. I am scared with everything that I do in the game that I will lose my save files and that through some sort of sorcery that only EA has perfected, I’ll even lose my backups.

I will be replaying all those moments that I lost, my entire weekend worth of play, just to get the pictures I need for my story but I am really upset that I have to. I spend a lot of time setting up my scenes for The Clarke Legacy, it takes much time and effort to get all the sims in the same place at the same time doing the right thing and looking good for my camera and now I get to redo it all.

Le sigh.

I do still have a couple of chapters with screenshots taken before I reach my ‘lost chapter’ but I’m very frustrated with all things Sims 3 right now and will certainly not be dealing with Chapter 11 any time tonight. Tomorrow I may feel differently but then again, I may still hate EA.

I hate you EA. Please give me more products to buy, someone made a horsey with your CAP that looks like a giraffe!

If you read this:
a) Why?
b) Thank you, my boyfriend is really tired of my complaining

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4 Responses to murder d-EA-th kill….

  1. Sianystar says:

    I read this :p So sorry you had troubles with your game. I did too, nearly fell off my chair I was so worried, but fortunately I backed everything up on my desktop before playing the CAP demo so all I had to do was install my store content.

    Can’t believe your screenies vanished! That’s so random. I’d totally cry if that happened to me, I feel your pain!!

    About the Error 12 – how big is your save file? Back in the days of Emmetts I was getting either 12s or 16s, and it was because my save file was overly mahoosive. Changing to a new version of the neighbourhood fixed that up totally. Perhaps try that? Have a legacy-break and start a new game and see if it’s errory, if it isn’t maybe try that with the Clarkes. Also if you don’t have a mod that adjusts the memory system, I’d advise getting one – the memories inflate your game-file-size an INSANE amount (seriously, I had one file that was over 100MB after two simweeks – the Emmetts were unplayable by generation 8, and the file was only 86. Madness!) There’s a good one on mod the sims.

    I hope your boyfriend isn’t being driven up the wall and that you manage to get your next chapter all sorted soon, but maybe have a break! I’m scared you’ll explode, and that’ll be both messy and unfortunate (mostly unfortunate for me, I’d miss your legacy too much!) *hugs*

  2. Speechless says:

    Oh that sounds bloody awful!
    During sims2 times I spent almost every other weekend fixing my game, each time I finished building my world it would be corrupt and let me tell you I had super good computer, reasonable size of cc and not so many buildings…eventually I threw it all out, and switched to sims3 as I couldn’t stand it anymore.
    With sims3 iv been quite lucky so far, but i have backed up every week or spas I’m super paranoid now. I have still had corrupt games, I had blue ot problem, I fighter the error 16 I think and other stupid crashing(random) problems, bbut it hasn’t been as bad as it was with my sims2.
    I feel for you, I know how it feels to loose stuff like this like your pictures, and how frustrated and angry borked games can make a person. I do hope y ou get things sorted and nothing as bad will happen anymore….
    In a cheerful note…I love your story and can’t wait for the new chapter.

  3. Teresa says:

    Oh my gosh, I hate error 12! It’s an ‘unknown error’ apparently. I had sooo much trouble. I could only play for a really short while. Eventually I just uninstalled all my CC and store products. It’s sad without my Choco Fountain in my game! Good luck too ya!

    • Chellekaz says:

      I started getting E12 again just this last week. Seems to be, for me, a computer memory issue. If I clean up files and clear out the recycle bin the error goes away.

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