Excuses Excuses…

Hi all, I’m very sorry this is not a chapter because I miss my Sims very much. It’s a hectic couple of weeks for me with a 2 week long music festival and then some dental surgery the next week… I’m sure I’ll live through the surgery though and I’m hoping that I’ll be able to play once Bluesfest is over and write through my recovery (I’m not sure my writing will make sense though, we’ll just have to see!) My goal is to have the next chapter to you by July 25th or so, but the Sims will also have to cooperate with me which it hasn’t wanted to do since I installed Generations. Unfortunately it’s my favourite XP to date so I can’t bring myself to uninstall… Oh well!

Keep writing and reading, my friends. Hope to be back with you, Lee and Berjes very soon.

Update July 23:
I won’t have the next chapter up as soon as I wanted to, I had the chapter planned but in playing it, amongst the random game crashes, terrible things happened that have derailed the chapter going as planned so I have to rework it and get some extra scenes shot. The plan is still to have it to you ASAP but I don’t know quite when that will be.

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3 Responses to Excuses Excuses…

  1. Sianystar says:

    Just dropping in to say that I’m looking forward to the new chapter from the Clarkes, and that I hope the music festival is going well, ditto the surgery! Have you had it yet? Hope everything else is going swimmingly too 🙂 x

  2. Chellekaz says:

    The music festival was fantastic, until a traumatic last night almost killed Cheap Trick and ended the whole thing early… Cancelled Joe Satriani, Death Cab for Cutie and some other band… Galactic or something?

    Surgery was yesterday and I’m recovering surprisingly well, weak and wobbly but not in much pain… Unfortunately I won’t have my next chapter up soon, my game did not go according to plan, but does it ever?

  3. Sianystar says:

    Oh jesus, sounds dramatic!! I’d be gutted to miss Death Cab, they’re a brilliant band, love ’em. Glad you’re not in too much pain, too, dental surgery can be killer!

    Terrible things? Oh gawd, what on earth’s happened now?! Take your time with the chapter, but at the same time please bring it out tomorrow as I’m not sure I can wait that long :p

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