Heir Poll – Closed!

If you would like to see bigger pictures of any of the family, just click on their portrait, this time you can see them in their full glory! For more pics and background on the kids, go read Chap. 12 – One and Two, Three Four and Five

Adam (Twin)

Adam is the eldest of the eldest – of the twins. He’s always been easily impressed by any girl who’ll walk past, and that may have been the source of all his troubles. As a hopeless romantic he didn’t have much of a choice when he fell in love with his best friend Jess but Adam’s a little bit evil and can’t really tell the difference between wrong and right the way we’d like. Since he’s very brave he’s ended up doing some things he shouldn’t have in the name of love. Like standing outside of her bedroom window late at night… She’s hooked up with another boy now though and Adam has gotten over his crush on Jess by beating up the new boyfriend.
Adam has started planning for his future and has every intention of becoming the world’s next Celebrated Five Star Chef.

Kaitlin (Twin)

Kaitlin has spent most of her life on a field, playing any imaginable sport. She’s strong and very athletic, thanks to the hours of training that she’s put in and she’s brave enough to take risks on the playing field that your average daredevil wouldn’t even dream of. She’s very easily impressed and for years the stars have mesmerized her and the feeling of flight that she can achieve from her trampoline has astounded her. She’s never had a boy on her arm or her sights set past the next big game so who knows what the future will bring her? Will she join the professional sports teams or is there more in store?
Lifetime Wish: Unknown

Conrad (Triplet)

Conrad is the grumpy one in the house, always sulking in corners and going off on his lonesome. It’s always easy to tell where he’s been though, since he’s such a slob that he leaves a trail of debris in his wake. A family oriented sim, he’s close with his sisters and brothers but no one as much as his father and Adam, who tortured him as a toddler. Always jumping from one hobby to the next, Conrad finally found something he’s really good at: He’s a computer whiz and who know where that’ll take him? Only recently a teenager, Conrad has no aspirations for the future just yet but that doesn’t mean the future isn’t planning for him.
Lifetime Wish: Unknown

Lee (Triplet)

It’s no secret that Lee is the genius of the family. As soon as she started classes, the brainiac was helping her parents help her with her schoolwork. She’s been a virtuoso for years now but refused to touch an instrument until just recently – already she shines when she’s behind the keyboard. Almost as much of a slob as Conrad (no one’s as much of a slob as Conrad) she manages to hide that shortcoming behind her good sense of humour. Lee loves being in the spotlight and already hogs attention whenever she’s around. Who knows what she’ll grow up to be… She doesn’t!
Lifetime Wish: Unknown

Troy (Triplet)

Troy is the only Clarke so far to take our founder Lily’s eye colour, her hair colour as well. Unlike Lily, and so much like his siblings, Troy is a slob but of all the triplets he’s the best at hiding it. Usually. He’s the most friendly of the whole family – everyone who comes to visit is friends with Troy and whomever they’re coming to visit. He’s quiet though, living a whole life inside his head. Adventurous as he may be, that’s all coming out onto paper, you see, at heart, he’s more like his Daba and mother. Connor was a famous author, Rose a painter and sculptor and since Troy is as imaginative as his grandfather and artistic as his mother he’s been determined to be a writer since he could read and write.
An illustrious author at that. He’s already published his first Sci-Fi novel!

So? Who should it be?

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2 Responses to Heir Poll – Closed!

  1. Pineapple275 says:

    Voting wasn’t up that long was it? Well I looked at the rusults to see how much he won by and he’s tied with Lee right now. Are you sure he won? It doesn’t matter he’ll be interesting to read about. Goodlck

    • Chellekaz says:

      It was open for a while and had stopped receiving votes so when I wanted to play TS3 I closed it, however I’ve gotten nowhere in the game since I started building so I figured I may as well re-open voting since, as you noted, Adam and Lee are now tied.

      IF you want to vote still, I’d love and appreciate your input

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