G.2 C.12 – One and Two, Three, Four and Five

Hi readers, I’m Rose Clarke, this is my husband – I still get a kick out of saying that! – Stephen and this is my legacy. Our legacy… The Clarke Legacy. It’s also my last chapter here ’cause oh man, guys, you’re great but I am tired of being the center of attention around here. I’ve finally settled down with the man I’ve been settled with for a couple decades now and I’m ready to pass the torch. See, Stephen and I need some alone time, some together time, some let’s-go-on-our-honeymoon time and no offense to all of you, but you’re really not invited.

So here’s the deal, I have five kids, twins (Adam and Kaitlin) and triplets (Conrad, Lee and Troy) and they’ve been more than a handful over the last 17 years. Most days, I don’t know how we survived, but we did. Adam and Kaitlin are pretty close to graduating now, and since the others are going to be entering high school pretty soon, I think I can hand off responsibility, don’t you think??
Ever since he met her, Adam has been trying to get close with Jess Nesbitt-Landgraab. For years now they’ve been the best of friends and Adam has wanted more. She lets him get this close and then pushes him away, knowing how he feels the whole time. Getting together with Jess has been Adam’s all consuming goal throughout his high school career. That, and cooking up feasts for his family! He hasn’t always gone about the wooing process of girls the right way, giving more than a couple of them the creeps by doing some creeping of his own. The police called it stalking but he seems to have cooled off on that lately. Colour me one mighty relieved mother on that front.
Kaitlin and Adam have been “BFFAEAE” ever since they were born, even if they no longer share the same interests they’re just as close. Kaitlin’s grown up to be just as focused as her father, and on the same thing as well: Sports and athleticism. She runs when she could walk, jumps when she can walk around an obstacle and I don’t think she’s watched a second of TV in her life. Lazy is not a word in Kaitlin’s vocabulary. If she’s not at school, where she plays on more than one sports team, or on the field, her most prized possession is the trampoline in the backyard and that’s where she can be found performing death-defying stunts.
Conrad’s always been a bit of a sourpuss, grumbling his way around the house and as a result, he spends a lot of his time alone. He has half developed a bunch of hobbies but discarded them midway through like a game of Simopoly. Computer gaming… Star gazing… Reading… Chess… Mainly intellectual pursuits, which would be a great thing if he followed through. Lazy, that word he knows. He’s no couch potato like me but he sure can’t be bothered to clean his room or clear his plate or do his homework without being forced.
Lee is positively exhausting. She’s got a brilliant little mind on her and it’s really hard to forget it. This is the girl who never needed help with homework, who Adam goes to for spelling help and who has all this innate talent that she’s totally wasting! She’s a virtuoso, just like her aunty, but has absolutely no interest in an instrument, no interest in arts or sciences or, well, anything other than having fun. There’s nothing Lee can’t talk anyone into, and that’s why she’s got us all just wrapped around her little finger. Troy’s the reason his siblings don’t bring friends home anymore. Not because he chased them away but because anyone who came home with Lee or Conrad ended up being tight with Troy, fast friends. Troy’s a little quiet and a little daft but he has a way with people and a way with words. He may drift off into his own world at any time, but that’s a world he has every intention of putting onto paper one of these days. He has already published his first Sci-Fi novel, and it’s selling quite well here in Sunset Valley.
It’s family and Troy’s friends at the birthday party, standing around to do the traditional yelling, hooting, hollering and singing as we welcome the triplets to teenagerhood… Yeah. Teenagerhood. Adam’s catered the event and we’ve spent the whole night eating, now, with bed times approaching we’re rushing through blowing out the candles. No child of mine has ever wanted to go through the ‘squidgy feelings’ of ‘sparkle vision’ without cake as a consolation prize. Sure, we’re all Stuffed but there’s always room for more cake!
He huffs and he puffs and…
The sparkles fade and standing where my little blond boy used to be is a well, he’s a man. I was scared his hair would darken, but if anything it looks lighter despite the setting sun. Whereas after his last birthday Conrad’s first act was to hug his mother, family oriented and all, this time, he just looks towards the house. I wonder what he’s searching for in there.
She blows out her candles…
A beauty! Of course she is, she’s got her parents genes. She cracks a wide grin to everyone around her and grabs a slice of cake, shoveling it down her throat as quickly as she can before her younger brother takes the stage. This one, Lee, she’s going to shine in the limelight one day. I hope.
He makes a wish…
Another looker… Stephen and I did good…. Ahh… Uhm… Sorry about that. Troy’s glazed over look is just so… Troy. He doesn’t seem to be seeing his party anymore, maybe just after images of sparkles or maybe he’s distracted by whatever is going on inside his head.
And there I have it. No more children in my house, only teenagers on their way to being adults on their way to the world. Is that too dramatic? Oh well! I’m eager for this family to move on in a new direction and I think that’s showing in the way I’m rushing, I know it’s not nice but there’s only a couple of days before the twins birthday. I really really want to have this whole heir thing settled while all five of them feel like they’re on some kind of equal footing and I’m at an absolute loss for who to choose. Stephen’s not much help either so, uhm… Help?Connor has ended up being a total Computer Whiz and I really should have seen it coming. With the way he fiddles with the machines in the house, I’m really hoping he’ll pick up some handiness skills. We’ve been calling repairmen ever since Micah left and with the rate that our electronics break around here… Wow does it add up! Anyways, all our computers are ‘overclocked’ now, whatever that means, and Conrad’s up ’til all hours of the morning on the laptop we bought for him and Troy to keep in their room. Troy hasn’t complained yet, but Troy wouldn’t. Conrad would.
Conrad will complain about anything, given the chance. Everything from the mess he leaves behind to not getting enough attention from Stephen or myself. He’s even moodier now that he’s a teen and I really didn’t think it was possible. Many of his hobbies from his childhood are being resurrected and now he’s another one of my family, glued to the chessboard. The only problem is that Conrad is a really sore loser. Like, “let him win” kind of sore loser.
Lee finally begged us for a keyboard (she really just could have asked) and we’ve hardly seen her since. We do hear from her quite a bit and she’s really getting pretty good pretty fast. She’s no soloist yet but she’s on her way! I’m really glad that she didn’t ask us for a drum kit, since her room is right next to ours, but I do wish she’d wanted a guitar, I had one all picked out for her and everything.
My youngest daughter has a wonderful sense of humour. It’s bright, sharp, dry wit and she keeps the house in stitches when she gets into the right mood. She loves to be the center of attention and can turn any situation into a joke, a song, or a satirical tune to keep us all rolling on the floor, laughing our butts off.
Troy is still tapping away at the keyboard, the computer in his room is unofficially Conrad’s so he uses the old laptop and it seems to suit him just fine… I guess… It’s nice to have an author in the house again, I find it soothing in a strange way. Maybe it’s the incessant clickityclack? He really is quite good though, I’ve read what he’s working on now (still Sci-Fi) and it’s full of imagination, well rounded worlds and characters and a lot of heart.
Just like Lee, he begged for what he could have had with a well placed hint. Art classes. All of a sudden, Troy is crazy for the idea of painting and sketching. He wants his books to be picture books and he wants them to be good now. No amount of persuading could possibly get him into the studio without classes, I suggested it and he was adamant so we packed him off to art class 20 minutes after he asked.
As their school years come to an end, Adam’s finally getting some closure to his relationship with Jess. She’s dazzled him from the start and he’s been willing to follow her around like a puppy. Until now, I couldn’t hold that against her, Adam’s hopeless when it comes to romance but she brought her boyfriend over to the house – unannounced – and proceeded to make out with him right in front of poor, lovestruck Adam.
Needless to say, Adam didn’t take it very well and took out his anger on Jess’ boyfriend. Jess, needless to say, didn’t take that very well and took out her anger on Adam. She screamed and shouted and bundled up her broken boyfriends and scrammed. I don’t think she’ll be coming back and I think that that’s for the best. Hopefully now Adam will set his sights on someone who will reciprocate his affections… And hopefully he’ll show those affections appropriately.
Kaitlin’s just not ready for school to end yet, I think it’s because she hasn’t won every athletics medal they have to offer yet. There are trophies and medals tucked away everywhere in her room, now the the trophy shelf is filled. She deserves every one of them too. No one else takes the big risks on the field like my girl! Go #42! Yeah!! Uh… Sorry… Just proud of her.
She’s always had a ton of acquaintances, friendly with all her teammates but rarely good friends and never best friends. She gets her support from her family, mostly her brother, and her coaches. When she is with her teammates though, she always has a great time and they do love her. She’ll do anything for a reaction and knows just how to pick her audience.
So you see the trouble we’re having? All five of our kids are amazing and unique. It’s a terrible time trying to decide who’ll be better at the Legacy and who’s easy to relate to… We need help here, readers, you’re are only hope. Y’know, like Obi Wan Simobi but not. So, are you up to it? Can you help??


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One Response to G.2 C.12 – One and Two, Three, Four and Five

  1. Sianystar says:

    Aww, I wish I hadn’t missed the heir poll! They’re all so great in their own ways. The triplets grew up beautifully, Lee especially!

    Poor Adam though. Jess is clearly a bit of a cow, he’s better off without her! I hope he finds someone lovely, who deserves him!

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