G.2 C.7 – Just Relax

OMG, how excited am I that this didn’t take me a month?!

I am SO sick. I haven’t been able to keep food down in nearly a month now. Everything I eat, comes back up. TMI? I don’t care, I don’t really care about much right now except not being in the bathroom… Or alternately, being in the bathroom. It really just depends on whether or not I have to vomit right at the particular moment. At first I thought this was just food poisoning. Your run of the mill “Millie still can’t cook, why are we eating her food again” food poisoning. Next I tried to convince myself that it was the flu, or still food poisoning, but I’m a grown woman, I know what’s going on with my body. More or less. I can’t understand why cake and pasta sound SO good together and taste SO good together going down but don’t sit well in the belly and are totally gross coming back up. TMI again? Get used to it.

I have never felt so weak in my entire life. All my muscles are shaking every second of the day and my nerves are totally on edge. For once, I’m not exploding at everyone about everything but that’s only ’cause I don’t have the energy. If I’m not sleeping (or eating or throwing up) I’m locking in the bathroom, crying. I just feel utterly helpless and stressed. Everyone’s worrying about me, fussing at me, and I just want to be left alone which is why I’m seriously considering buying a plush bathmat and leaving it in my bathroom for the next… Oh… Say… Eight months? At least if I keep feeling like this and keep wanting my privacy I’ll have somewhere to lie down that isn’t cold, hard marble. Don’t tell anyone, but right now, I just want my Mama.

Yup… Eight months sounds about right. Hopefully it’s not eight more months of sick to the stomach shaky knees light headed weeping but at this stage I’m not holding my breath. Yeah. I figured it out. Probably around the time I was trying to believe that I had food poisoning I came to the conclusion (all on my lonesome!) that I’m preggers. I am knocked way up. It’s no surprise really, not with the amount of “reconciling” that Stephen and I were doing. I would SO rather be fighting with my boyfriend than doubled up over the toilet with not even a tiny little bump to show for it! This baby had better be the next president of the universe. He or she had better be the best damn baby in the world to make up for all that it’s putting me through right now ’cause I will set up an adoption the second it cries if it’s not careful. Is “it” even the appropriate term when talking about my not yet born, definitely not publicized baby?

After three months (or so, the days sort of run together) of feeling like my metatarsal’s were going to be heaved up I finally am finding my beloved pair of shorts way too tight. I guess it’s time to tell people since I can’t even do the damn button up. Before Mama died she handed me a box and said “for when you’re expecting.” Actually, that was before I even met Stephen but it’s neither here nor there. It’s a cute little nightgown, made of her favourite patterned material – she had ROLLS of it stored away – and it’s what I’m wearing when I decide to tell Stephen the “good” news. His eyes positively light up when I tell him we’re expecting. He looks like a kid on Christmas (whatever that is) and immediately starts telling our baby just how happy it’s going to be. Stephen’s always talked about having a family but somehow I always figured it was this abstract dream of his… Now that it’s a reality for him he’s elated and I guess I won’t be able to send any bundles of babies to the adoption agency no matter how long or loud it cries.

It’s kinda great being pregnant at the same time as Violet, even if she is months ahead of me. See, Vi’s really been focused on her work and family lately and we’ve kinda drifted apart but now that she’s on maternity leave she’s around a lot more and we have heaps of time together. Our days are now full of sisterly bonding on the couch ’cause neither one of us is particularly inclined towards moving. She’s gotten pretty big and the only time I move is to eat or… uh… uneat I guess? At least most of my nausea has passed but as best as I understand it I am abnormally sick with this pregnancy. Still, in the time between our frequent bathroom breaks it’s great to just chill with my big sis. We’re totally up to date on one another’s gossip, not to mention the celebrity gossip and soap opera gossip. We’re so up to date with the happenings that we joke about taking over SMZ and running it ourselves. Y’know, when there’s less baby pinning us to the oh-so-comfy sofa.

The downside to being spending all day every day with Vi is that after a while it is just impossible to pick and choose the topics of conversation. Once you’ve covered everything you move into the uncomfortable topics category and that one seems to be her favourite. Go figure. She’s constantly on my case about something, whether it be my relationship with Stephen (not married enough), my income situation (not employed enough) or anything else (not anything enough) I swear if we wouldn’t both look like colourful penguins I would chase her down the street yelling. Instead, I grin and bear it. She has some points – on some of her points – but her sticking point is that she thinks Stephen and I should make it “official.” Who knew that my soon to be rock star of a sister was such a conservative when it came to marriage? Either way, I’m not ready for marriage now, if ever, and that’s my prerogative.

I seriously don’t think Violet could hit that note if she were on stage having the best performance of her life! Really, I think that a glass just shattered somewhere… Maybe even across the city. High pitched, loud and full of enough pain that I’m not looking forward to when it’s my turn. Not at all. Not one bit! Let’s all just feel lucky that Micah’s the one who gets to listen to that shriek on the way to the hospital ’cause I don’t think my ears can take one more! She’s right on time too, I think this is the exact date that her doctor gave her as her due date and right on schedule. That’s Vi for you, always punctual. Or I guess that’s the kid that they’re going to be bringing home ’cause I sure wouldn’t wish that kind of agony on myself. I’d rather keep lugging around this million pound basketball on my stomach than go through the pain I’m hearing from her. Too bad I don’t get a choice, huh?
I’m sitting on the couch when they bring home my nephew, Oliver. I won’t say that I’ve been waiting up for them, anxious to know that everyone’s alright ’cause that would be way too mom-like for me. I’m not a mom. Yet. The kid’s adorable though, really and truly. Tiny and fragile and even though his eyes are green (just like his parent’s) there’s something in them that reminds me of his grandmother. Stephen says I’m crazy, that he’s just a baby and hardly has a personality nevermind a glint in his eyes but I don’t care. I see it. I know it’s there. Maybe it’s ’cause Mama was such a kid at heart? Hopefully that’s it ’cause much as I love and miss her, my mother was a bit crazy at times. Not like, out of her mind insane but she sure had a neuroses or two (or seven) to keep her up at night.

Do I look like a house? I feel like a house. I’m huge and full of a person, that’s close enough to the definition of a house, right? My stomach feels battered and bruised, I think the little one’s going to take after it’s daddy ’cause it’s trying to run laps ’round my insides. At least he/she is hungry now and my nausea is all but gone. I can eat anything I/it wants, so long as it’s in the house right. this. second. I know I’m doing a lot of complaining here but my everything hurts. There is not enough bed rest in the world for me to soothe my aching back, even a massage from Stephen didn’t help… The one I got at the spa was only moderately better. A few more weeks, a few more weeks, this is my mantra now. A few more weeks, a few mo-

“Ow ow ow ow OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!” My scream is echoing throughout the house and I’m terrified that the place is empty until I hear Millie running down the stairs.
“Rose? Are you OK? What’s wrong?”
“Do I look like I’m OK!” Maybe I shouldn’t snap? I can’t help it. Forgive me. “I’m not O-freakin’-K! I think… OOOWWWWWWWWWW!!”
“But you’re not due for a f-”
“A few more weeks. No kidding. Get me to the damn hospital Millie! Now!”

Not only am I not “O-freakin’-K” but I’m freaking out. It’s too early! By the time we get to the hospital I’m about ready to have a full nervous breakdown. I wish now I’d listened to Stephen and had gone to a doctor’s appointment. Instead I have Dr. StrangerI’venevermetbefore staring up my nightgown and telling me that I’m not having the babies yet. Soon. But not yet. That I’m OK to go home. Wait… Babies? Like, plural?

Oh no… I recognize this feeling. “Ow ow ow ow OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!” This is not my idea of a wake up call but Stephen looks excited and bouncy. Like a bunny that doesn’t know it’s for dinner tonight… He had better wipe that look off of his face before I… “OOOWWWWWWWWWW!!” After my early scare a bunch of weeks ago, the twins are late. Late! Of all the nerve! In the middle of the night, tires screeching around corners, Stephen gets me to the hospital in record time. I don’t think we slowed down at all but to be perfectly honest I couldn’t tell you how I got from the bedroom to the car or from the car to the hospital room where Dr. NowIcan’trememberhisname is telling me to breathe and push and his soothing tones are infuriating me. Hopefully someone reminds me to apologize to Dr. Whoeverheis ’cause those names I used on him are just impolite.

Oh I am so glad to be getting out of that hospital. Two days worth of bed rest to recover my strength was nearly enough to have me out of my mind. At least, I take some small comfort from this, we were there to make sure I was alright. Kaitlin and Adam are doing just fine, in fact, they’re perfect. Each of them with 10 perfect little fingers, 10 tiny toes, sparkling little eyes that seem fascinated by anything that gleams or moves or makes a noise or has a scent. Hopefully they remain this easily distracted but that remains to be seen. I’m just relieved that we’re all getting to go home now. Even after all that bed rest, all I want is to get home, put the twins in their pretty new cribs and then curl up in my big comfy bed with my boyfriend and relax.

I totally should have known better than to think that I was ever going to relax again. If one baby starts to cry, the other one cries too. If one poops, the other needs to be fed. If one wants to sleep, the other wants attention. Mostly though, they just cry. I haven’t gotten more than an hour and a half of sleep at a time in months! I haven’t even gotten dressed most days, I split my time between my bed and the nursery (and the couch in the nursery) and for that, all I need is my house coat. I swear though that sometimes Adam cries for no reason other than to make his sister cry. He cries for no reason at all! He’s not hungry, his diaper’s clean, he’s in his mommy’s arms and all of a sudden he’s wailing like a banshee. Even Stephen (hehe. Even Stephen.) can’t deny that there’s a glint in that kids eyes. Seriously. Speaking of Stephen, thank whomever it is that’s in charge of this crazy world that he loves our kids as much as I do ’cause he is always willing to help out!

It’s so great that I don’t have to do this child rearing thing on my own. I couldn’t do it, really I couldn’t. Stephen loves our son and daughter as much as anyone has ever loved a baby. As much as he loves me. Every now and then he all but forces me out the house, tells me I’m not allowed back in and points me in the direction of my studio. I don’t get much painting or sculpting done when I’m out there, I keep thinking I hear one of the twins (and thus, both of the twins) crying and I have to rein in my instinct to run into the house to cuddle and console them. At least I know I don’t have to worry too much, they’re in good hands with their daddy and Vi, Micah and Millie are all really good about lending a helping hand when I’m feeling overwhelmed, even though they have Oliver to take care of as well.

Y’know that saying? “Time flies when you’re having fun”? Time is crawling! So slowly that I’m sure the twins should be crawling any time now. I feel like they’ve been babies forever and between Kaitlin, Adam and Oliver there is always someone crying in the house. That doesn’t even include the two overstressed mommies and a teenaged girl. On the rare, blessed occasion when my kids are actually quiet I’m in heaven. Something about babies is so much more lovable when they’re gurgling and cooing as opposed to screaming, whodathunk it. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy to be at the beck and call of the twins. Making them stop crying is pretty much my favourite activity these days and not just ’cause my ears are catching a break. It’s nice to know that I’m doing right by them, if that makes any sense. If they’re not in tears, they must be happy and that’s all I want for my babies. Pretty much…
In all the hustle and bustle of babies I forgot my birthday was coming up! That’s not hard, considering that time really doesn’t work properly around here and birthday’s don’t come ’round like clockwork but in the middle of the day, for the first time in my life, the “squidgy feelings” and “sparkle vision” snuck up on me! No birthday cake, no screaming and cheering (yes screaming and crying, what a shock) just all of a sudden I was older. I don’t look it, I don’t really feel it but I suspect it’s the truth since I have this sudden inclination to establish myself in a career or my family life while there’s still time. This is absolutely a new sensation for me, this weird desire to be responsible and devoted and stuff… Here’s hoping it passes before I do anything rash!

Millie believe she’s found her calling, thanks to all the babies in the house. She wants to be a pediatrician and I think that’s quite a goal. Obviously her parents want her to shoot for something higher – world renowned surgeon sounds good to them – but she’s her own girl and I have faith that she will do exactly what she wants. Besides, she’s really good with the babies. Millie seems to have magic when it comes to her brother and cousins, she picks them up while they’re being loud and obnoxious and in seconds they’re giggling their tiny, musical, baby laughs. If it weren’t for her some days, I don’t know what any one of us would do. Any patient would be lucky to have Dr. Millie Clarke on their case, really, I know I’m way jumping the gun and she’s only in high school but I think she’ll make a great doctor!

Just like her dad’s a great shower doctor. While all the showers in the house are magically capable of cleaning themselves at this stage, that really doesn’t keep them (or anything else for that matter) from breaking but Micah is so handy! Now that he’s a “creature-robot crossbreeder” which is a job title I don’t care to understand, he’s got a lot more free time and that means that there’s hardly a chore around the house that doesn’t get taken care of nearly as soon as it needs taking care of. I really don’t know how he balances his job, dad duties, husband duties and handyman duties with sleeping, I’m pretty impressed and really not looking forward to the day when I have to try fix my shower myself. Allegedly (and we will find out) duct tape is not for shower heads. I also just found out that it was duct tape and not duck tape! How embarrassing!

“Happy birthday dear Ol-iver, happy birthda-” The beeping sound of the smoke detector is piercing and brash and the second it starts I’m up the stairs, two at a time, to the twins room. I’m ready to leap out the window with them if need be and I think Vi would be right behind me. I grab a kid in each arm and quick as a table with a birthday cake on it can catch fire I’m out the door to leave the babies in my studio where I know they’ll be safe. In this instant, I’m right behind Vi and we’re dashing back to the house to make sure we still have a kitchen. I know this isn’t uncommon, but you always think that it won’t happen to you, y’know? That unstable candles and flammable pastries happen to other people, that it’s only other people’s birthdays that go up in flames. Literally.Things aren’t going well inside. Stephen and Micah are standing around, freaking out, while Millie has her hands on only one of the three fire extinguishers hidden around the kitchen. I’m not going to pretend that this is my man’s finest moment but kudos to Millie for keeping her head! A lone fire extinguisher doesn’t do much good though, it’s holding the flames at bay but I can’t see it working for too much longer. That banging on the door must be the fire fighters! And just in time too… It doesn’t take the professionals long to get the inferno under control and when they do I’m surprised by the minimal amount of damage that’s been done. Not surprising? That Millie is flirting shamelessly with one of Sunset Valley’s finest heroes – and I do mean fine!
“Happy birthday dear Ol-iver, happy birthday to yooooou!” Apparently this sort of thing happens all the time (to everyone) and the firemen “just happened to have a cake in the truck.” I think that they may be the ones who designed those candles, but I’ll keep my mouth shut since they did just save my beautiful house and they came well prepared with an alternate birthday cake. Almost as if the fire had never happened (except that Millie’s new crush stayed for a slice of cake and is still wearing his uniform) we’re singing our lungs out and I can see Violet’s apprehension as she sets her little boy down on the ground and steps back. He fusses a little as the effects of having a birthday take over but not too much… I only hope Kaitlin and Adam are so good when it’s their turn… Which is soon! Yikes!

Oliver’s a pretty cute kid, and I’m not just saying that ’cause I’m his auntie. Really he is. Even with a face covered in icing he’s just precious. He’s talkative too, babbling nonsense at everyone who walks by him as well as at the legs of chairs and the book shelf, the locked door to the room that was once Mama’s and I can’t bear to go into any more. We put blinds up on the windows and haven’t gone back in since. I haven’t even been out on the balconyish thing that’s over top the room ’cause I don’t wanna see in, I guess that’s weird? Either way, Oliver will talk to anything, animate or inanimate, person, place or thing. I still see that glimmer in his eye that reminds me of Mama and now Stephen sees it too (hah!) but, and don’t repeat this to Vi, I think he may be more insane than his grandma. Like, properly Insane.

Needless to say the whole family is crazy about him. Even if he’s driving us nuts. Sometimes he’s a real mad man, terrorizing the house but other times he sits in a corner, imitating the cuckoo clock that’s on his favourite TV program. Millie’s out of her mind in love with the kid, even when he’s raving in his baby babble about… Well, it’s baby babble, we have no idea what he’s so loony about but with Millie’s help I’m sure he’ll be talking soon enough. Won’t that be enough to knock us all off our rockers? He’s like a little, batty version of his older sister, they look practically the same but she’s so much calmer than he is! She’s a good big sister though, taking care of him while her mom and dad are at work. I’m sure you can imagine just how glad Vi was to get back to her job… My sister loves the spotlight

The twins are going to be having a birthday soon, I can’t believe it’s finally time! I thought this baby phase would last forever. Before the celebrations though, I think it’s time for a more somber excursion. After Stephen comes home, I drag him and the kids to the graveyard. I know it’s kind of crazy and nonsensical (maybe some of Oliver is rubbing off on me?) but I want Mama and Daddy to know that I’m alright. I want them to know they have two beautiful and amazing grandchildren other than Violet’s and well… I know that this is mostly for me, that I’m feeling guilty that Mama was so worried about the future of her legacy and this just feels like the right thing to do.

“Mama, Daddy… Mama, you remember Stephen, Dad, Stephen… These are our babies, your grandchildren. Kaitlin and Adam. I really wish you could meet them, I think you’d love them as much as I do and well, I think they’d love you too. I miss you both, a lot. Like, a lot a lot, and I hope, wherever you are, that you know you’re loved.”

Of course I’m crying by the time we go home, why wouldn’t I?

I have been simultaneously dreading and eagerly anticipating this day. On one hand, there can never be enough cake in the house, I don’t think the stuff ever goes bad, on the other, my babies are about to be toddlers! Early in the morning, before everyone runs off to work and school we all rise to sing our happy birthdays to Kaitlin and Adam. One at a time I hold them in front of their cakes while the family sings and cheers and then I step aside while they grow into toddlers. I’m scared half to death of what comes next – the potty training and teaching them to walk and talk and if I think too hard I get scared about homework and relationship troubles and jobs and them leaving the house so I’m not dwelling. Let’s just pretend that I’m super excited, shall we?

Adam looks just like his grandpa, just like Connor while Kaitlin well, she takes after her mommy now doesn’t she? I had hoped that one of them would have Stephen’s hair or eyes (those beautiful, golden eyes) but I can’t complain. The two of them are most definitely the cutest Clarkes in the house right now… Not that I would dare say that to Violet! They’re both as easily impressed as they were as babies but now they actually have personalities! Adam has a wicked little grin and he’s going to be a hell raiser, I’m sure of it and I think I’m going to have to put gates up at the stairs to keep Kaitlin safe. The child can hardly crawl and she’s already getting herself into all sorts of trouble. She does things that even her (not much) older cousin is afraid of! Brave and foolish, that’s my girl! I’m really never going to get to relax again, am I?

Lets try something new… Not a list of questions but a list of everything that happened during this chapter. Everything that drove me up the wall:
3 Babies
3 Broken Showers
2 Broken Computers
2 Broken Dishwashers
1 Broken Radio
1 Broken Trash Compactor
So maybe there is a question: Can one game be any more frustrating?

Stay tuned for Chapter 8 – Full House

Have you got any suggestions for replacement skins for my sims? I’m still just using the default and I think I want something… Prettier.

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15 Responses to G.2 C.7 – Just Relax

  1. Octoberskies says:

    Im soooo happy you Updated, i was wondering if you’d like to help me with my legacy…Well I need someones Opinion on the first chapter…My fiancee isnt the greatest help in that department.. && Awe The Twins are sooo adorable I love Adams Hair and Eye combo!! I wish i could install CC atm…it says EVERYTHING is Corrupt that i download from sims 3 :c…As for Skins…I know you’re not doing a rainbowcy but i like Fawkes :]

    These ones seem nice too!!


    If you don’t have the UI mod yet
    It Helps..

    I do know where to get hair xD Thats it… I got some awesome ones πŸ˜›

  2. Berry says:

    Holy Simoly!! Kait is a mini me!!!! She looks just like Vi! Wow~

  3. Seaweedy says:

    So glad to see the Clarkes back!

  4. Luna says:

    I’ve started to read your legacy, and I want to give advice about skin tones. I use Peggy’s skintone for both male and female, default. And for the children + toddlers I use subaxi’s defaults. If you read the pastel rainbowcy, you’ll see that Rose’s female skin tone looks great as well, but I haven’t tried that one in game yet!

    • Chellekaz says:

      I do ❀ the skintone's in pastel legacy, but it seems Rose isn't offering her skin for d/l so I've got Peggy's and I'll see how I like it! Nothing can't be undone!

  5. audge2041 says:

    Aww, the twins are so cute! I think I’m gonna like Adam, he seems mischievous πŸ™‚ As for skins, love LFB’s “silk” skin! There are also amazing skins for toddlers and kids. You can check them out .

  6. Chellekaz says:

    I’m glad you pointed that out, or I never would have followed the link!

    I love Adam, as of right now he’s my favourite (and I know more than all of you! Bwahahahaha) and he IS a troublemaker… Just how far will he take it is the question

  7. Sianystar says:

    Kaitlin and Adam are sososososo adorable!! I’m jealous! I loved the scene where Rose took them to their grandparents’ gravestones, it was a lovely touch. Really moving.

  8. Sianystar says:

    Oh, and Lady Frontbum does loverly skins, check ’em out πŸ™‚

  9. Zozo says:

    Omg! the twins are so insanely cute!!!! and I still can’t get over the boy/girl twins!!

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