Still here

I hope someone (other than the uber wonderful Octoberskies) is still checking in to see what’s going on with Rose & Co… And I hope you don’t think I’ve given up though I don’t blame you if you do.

I’m still here and I’m still working on the story, I’ve just found life catching up to me when it comes to work and events, side jobs and actually relaxing and I haven’t written or played as much as I would have liked to. September is always stressful for me. I’m a TV junkie and now is when I start working out what I can and cannot watch (what do you mean there’s more TV on then there are hours in a day?!) BUT my goal is to have the next chapter titled “Change of Heart” out next week… At some point.

In the meantime, enjoy your weekend!!

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8 Responses to Still here

  1. Kat says:

    I’m still here too! Everyday I check back to see if something new is here, so I’m glad to see this. Can’t wait for ‘Change of Heart’!

  2. octoberskies5591 says:

    -happy dance- yessssssssssssssss i cant waiiitttt

    • octoberskies5591 says:

      btw i’m working on a new legacy! i got s3 to work :]

      • octoberskies5591 says:

        & another btw if you want a banner i got photoshop cs3 so i can make 1 if you give me some images in good quality & a color theme of 1-4 colors or rainbow :] & if u want text lemme know what type of font youd like & what u want it to say. sorry that im spamming in a way lol

  3. Berry says:

    Cool c; Still here~

  4. Sianystar says:

    I am still here, as ever, though my being here has been fragmented with my probs. Still looking forward to 2.6! 😀

  5. Flannelroadie says:

    I’ve been reading all day. I’m about three years late but I am going to read until there isn’t anymore to read. You’re an awesome writer and player.

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