Oh dear…

So my computer is back (welcome home). The only problem is that it’s not quite the same as when I last saw it, it has a new hard drive. The old hard drive is pretty much as useful as a brick and none of the information I had stored on it was recoverable. This means that I have lost the last month’s worth of sims things and I’ve done a lot this month and haven’t used my computer for much more than sims… My berrysimself, Sugar-Plum Confection, is gone, along with her badass laundromat/diner/apartment that I made for her. The sims I made when I got Ambitions are gone, bye bye Millie and Oliver! Bye bye your house!

The current version of the Clarke’s is from before Rose’s trip to Egypt. Connor is still alive which means that I’ll have to remake the cemetery. Violet and Micah aren’t married yet and you never got to meet their little boy Ian… He had all of Lily’s colouring – black hair and blue eyes – and was the most adorable little toddler. He only cried once (no one slept but him). Most importantly though is Rose’s story, she was finally in love and I was determined to make it last. His name was Stephen and he was handsome and loosely based off of the aforementioned Oliver who I am REALLY going to miss. He was smokin’ hot. I’ve also lost the additions I made to the house and all of Rose’s skills and relationships.

Obviously, I’ve also lost all the pictures I took of all the things I had planned and the only pictures I have that weren’t on my old computer are from before the Al Simhara trip. I in no way intend to abandon Lily, Rose and Violet (and Micah and Connor) but I have to decide how I want to proceed from here. It seems to me that story-wise, for you guys, everyone will stay young for a little longer and pretty much nothing will change (that I’ll show you) but what to do about Connor?! I’d feel so bad killing him for continuity.

SO it may take a little bit for me to get the story up and running again, especially since I’m AFK for the next two weekends but I WILL be coming back and WILL be updating as soon as I can. IF you have a gentleman who you think would be perfect for Rose, I’m accepting candidates, however I will most likely just use their looks and randomize everything else to keep in the spirit of “legacy.”

Also, can anyone suggest someone who may be able to help me with my banner? I can’t do it!

So sorry about the ramblings and I hope you’ll stick with me,


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5 Responses to Oh dear…

  1. antsims3 says:

    Good luck! I’ll be here when you return. 😀 For the banner, I created it using paint, it was easy and it turned out pretty good.

  2. Sianystar says:

    Oh gawd, I have mucho sympathy for you! I hate it when legacy files mess up and you lose so much work. I honestly don’t know what to suggest about Connor… argh ): Can you remember how old he was, when he went? He might pop his clogs at the same time again. Orrrr, you could build him a retirement home and pop him in there out of the family, and just not tell anyone d:

    To be honest, you could just pretend for the story, maybe?

  3. Berry says:

    No worries! I have been there. We will be waiting for you to get it worked out.

  4. Octoberskies says:

    I’m willing to help you with your Banner!! if you wanna check out my work go here — http://forum.thesims3.com/jforum/posts/list/231909.page#2878296

    Btw If you remember me, i had the dear agony legacy — I started a new one..theres nothing up now but Diaryofjade.wordpress.com..Check it out later

  5. Sianystar says:

    Hey, just letting you know that I’m still hovering about 🙂 I hope you sort out your game soon!

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