Blue screen of sadness

My brand new, happy computer has decided that it is not happy with me and does not like it’s Kernel so it is full of not finding my Hard Drive. It’s going to the Dr. tomorrow and hopefully they can pump it full of healing bytes so that I can retrieve all my Clarke’s pictures and stuff. Please keep your fingers crossed for my poor computer. I’ll be back here, one day soon, with updates.


Sad Chellekaz

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4 Responses to Blue screen of sadness

  1. StarSarah says:

    OH MAN – that sucks! I hope you get it sorted

    The voting has started for the 6th generation heir – maybe you could stop by and cast your vote for the head of the Seraphine Legacy? X

  2. Berry says:

    aww hope it all works out!

  3. Anonymous says:


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