Heir Poll!!

I’m Lily Clarke and this is… Was… My legacy. This is my husband Connor (you probably knew him as a Frio, but he took my name when we married since I was the one being followed around by an invisible but not silent camera). I’ve decided that I’m too old and a little too neurotic to continue being the center of attention and Connor and I can’t decide who should take over the legacy from me. I’m hoping, readers, for some help from you. You know these girls as well as we do at this point or at least you’re in a position to tell me who you think is prettier or more interesting or vote by flipping a coin which takes a lot of weight off of me.

Violet is my oldest daughter, we’ve often called her Vi but I think I over heard her boyfriend Micah call her Letty the other day which I thought was really cute. Their relationship is really new but she’s a hopeless romantic just like her mother and I think she’s hearing wedding bells! Ever since Violet was born she’s been her daddy’s little angel. Connor has treated her like a princess and she’s loved it. She’s also always been very musically talented, ever since she was a kid. A true virtuoso. It took her forever to learn to walk since she was so clumsy she spent most of the time tripping over her own feet. She’s always been a bit of a workaholic, getting a job as soon as she could and still maintaining her honour roll status the whole time. Maybe it’s because Connor did her homework with her every day? He’s quite the author y’know, one of his stories was about… Violet. This is about Violet and she’s quite flirty but she never took it anywhere ’cause she was always working so hard. My girl’s working her way up the food chain at the theatre. She desperately wants to be a rock star and she’s good enough to do it. I can’t wait until her first concert!

Rose is my youngest daughter. Rosie, or ZZ if you’re family, changed a lot over the years. As a baby she was really quiet. She didn’t demand any of the attention her sister had gotten as a baby. She was always a bit lazy and we attributed it to that, but she didn’t become a real couch potato until we got the TV when she became a teenager. She’s amazingly artistic and loves colours but she never seems to use anything but blues and purples in her paintings. As she got older she became this little fire crackers, any little thing that went wrong and she would throw such a fit. We called her hot headed because, well, at least it sounds polite? Rumour around town is that she’s a great kisser but I try not to hear it. Her ex-boyfriend (she found out he was cheating on her at her birthday party!) had spread the ‘news’ to all his friends. By the time she’d grown into a young adult I was afraid that Rose had developed some real commitment issues and that wasn’t surprising considering her track record with men. I hate to say it but not even her father paid her much attention in a way that was good for her. Rose has taken to asserting that there’s no such thing as love and that the best reason to marry (always marked by a ‘no offense mom’) is for money, and that when she does get married it will be to a ‘real man.’ I sure hope my Rosie isn’t a gold digger.


Well readers, there you have it. Those are my girls, who do you think would make the best heiress? Who deserves it??

A further query: part of this challenge is giving each heir or heiress their ‘perfect’ home which will be added onto the house built by their ancestors until there is what will probably be a real mess of a home. My only dream was to sleep under the stars so our master bedroom has a large sky light. The rest of the house is more or less white since I just can’t see dirt and it’s easier to get rid of when you can see it right away.


Current standings in poll:

Violet: 4

Rose: 10

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One Response to Heir Poll!!

  1. StarSarah says:

    I vote Violet – she seems more intresting and i think she is prettier.

    Great legacy by the way x

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