G.3 C.18 – The House p.2

The door swings open without a sound, displaying a properly homey (if not meager) little room. It’s looks lived in; it has a personality and the garbage on that little table doesn’t really smell so bad. And is that… snoring? Continue reading

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G.3 C.18 – The House p.1

New Message!
From: Dad                   4:38PM
MOM ON WAY HOME. U SHLD RUN. Continue reading

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G.3 C.17 – Parole

Bean slips carefully from beneath his tangled and twisted covers and crawls to the end of his bed, head ducked low as his feet search for the first rung of the ladder in the dark. He hasn’t slept well since his birthday, the space between his mattress and the ceiling seemed to have shrunk, and in his restless hours he feels increasingly confined. In the mornings, if he has managed to get some sleep, more often than not he forgets to be careful and smacks his head off of the white plaster, what a way to start your day! Continue reading

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Interlude – Locked Away p.2

Tears slipped unbidden over Amaya’s cheeks; loneliness overwhelmed her heart. As a child, she had pretended that her captivity was temporary. That tomorrow, or the next day, They would set her free into the fresh air. With older eyes, she couldn’t remain blind to the truth. The truth that she was probably in here forever or until some end-event that she absolutely could not predict. Continue reading

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Interlude – Locked Away p.1

This is the first part of an ‘interlude’ to The Clarke Legacy. If you’ve read the previous chapters I know you’ll be able to see how the two stories are intertwined. I hope not to take nearly as long with the second half.
– Chelle

“Mommy!” The young girl screamed as the door slammed shut behind her. Her voice was hoarse and her eyes had long since run out of tears to cry. She didn’t look around the room she was in, just focused on the heavy door and began to alternate pounding her small fists against the unyielding metal and jiggling the equally stubborn doorknob. Locked. “I want my Daddy! I want to go home! Let me out! LET ME OUT!!” Continue reading

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Oh my goodness! Thanks to all of you amazing people, my little story here has cleared 10,000 views! Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that this story would last so long (I thought I’d be faster) or that people would actually read it and here I am with a mountain of views.

Thank you all so much for reading, I really appreciate it and I hope that you’ve enjoyed what I have to offer you. I should be marking this with more than a simple text post, but I’m on my way out of town for the weekend and could not resist thanking you all from the bottom of my heart.

Have a lovely weekend, and the Clarkes will return soon!


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G.3 C.16 – Strangers

It feels like less than five minutes before Lee’s wall is complete. A seemingly endless, featureless barrier locks the Clarke family in while keeping the rest of the world at bay. Continue reading

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G.3 C.15 – Fallout

He surveys the family he’s just come to know with a heavy heart. They only met a couple of hours ago but he’s seen them at their most vulnerable, clinging to one another and trying to stay strong as they tell, and retell, the details of how their youngest son went missing. Kidnapped. Continue reading

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G.3 C.14 – All Growed Up

“We did good didn’t we, babe?”
“We did great, in fact, I’m up for round two of ‘great’ if you are.” Continue reading

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G.3 C.13 – A Day in our Life

The sun is barely above the horizon and already sounds of bowls clanking together and the delightful scents of baking are wafting through the house. Continue reading

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